Sunday, 27 April 2014

A Special assembly conducted to celebrate Amrin’s achievement
A special assembly was conducted today the 27th of April 2014 to celebrate the achievement of Amrin Haleem of Year 4R who visited the United Nations last month becoming one of the eight children chosen from 130 countries by the ‘friend our world’ programme. Viduni Piyasiri of year 5B made a speech about the glory that Amrin has brought to school and also Kavya Amarasinghe of 5R recited a poem written to her school mate Amrin. The Sectional Head of Key Stage 2 Mr. Janaka somaratne and the Principal spoke about the tremendous achievement of Amirin Haleem.
The school is proud of you Amrin, and as your Citizenship teacher, I appreciate your hard work, perseverance and dedication which enable you to be the one among the eight student representatives worldwide to visit the UN.

Amrin! The principal sir, Deputy Principal Sir, teachers and all your friends at SLSM rejoice at your greatest achievement and congratulate you wholeheartedly.