Friday, 6 June 2014

Words of Wisdom

Listen if you want to be a good child
Be always gentle and never grow wild.

Love all with a smile and never hate,
For men with loving hearts become great.

Be always cheerful and leave all worry,
Go slow and steady and show no hurry.

Hurt not others but win each heart
Shun not the struggle but play your part.

Sit not idle, be up and doing
March ahead, your goals pursuing.

Avoid bad words and nasty things,
For each bad act, a punishment brings.

Tell no lies and always speak the Truth,
In case you want to be a wonderful youth.

Avoid being greedy, for greed is a sin
That way you can save your skin.

Do not be angry, for anger destroys wisdom
An angry king loses both war and kingdom.

Give one and all a beautiful smile,
And to keep fit, daily walk a mile.