Saturday, 5 December 2015

Fire Safety Demonstration conducted at SLSM backyard

Mr Sebi Varghese of Carillion-Alawi LLC conducted a Fire safety demonstration at SLSM premises recently. 

It was an educative event that helped create Health and Safety awareness on incidents related to a Fire hazard within a domestic context. 

The audience had the opportunity to learn the Omani Fire classification and the use of an appropriate colour coded portable extinguisher to deal with an emergency. 

Colour coded extinguishers 

Everyone present had the chance to get a hands-on experience in using a pressurised extinguisher tank. 

Mr Sebi Varghese emphasised the dangers associated with using water to stop common stove-pan fires that occur frequently in kitchens. 

The use of fire blankets in such an eventuality was demonstrated as they are installed in every kitchen nowadays here in the Sultanate. 

Sebi Varghese (HSE-Manager) of Carillion Alawi in action